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[Government of the people] 
[For the people] 
[By the people] 

Earlier today in Broward County, appalling court 
judges upheld the previous 
ruling to ban the sale of Miami rap group the 2 Live Crew's 
double-platinum album, "Nasty As They Wanna Be," in Broward County. 

"We think it's the banning of free speech. First Amendment protects 
material, resultably." 

"We don't talk about, uh, harrassing and sexually brutalizing women in 
my music, man!" 
"We don't do that in my music, man! I'm tired of you saying that!" 

We've got white-collar people trying to grab our style 
Saying we're too nasty and we're 2 Live 
Corrupted politicians playing games 
Bringing us down to boost their fame 
They must be joking thinking we will fall 
But they're like flies movin' the wall 
We stand tall from beginning to end 
With the help from fans and all our friends 
Freedom of speech will never die 
For us to help, our ancestors died 
Don't keep thinking that we will quit 
We'll always stand and never sit 
We're 2 live, 2 black, 2 strong 
Doing the right thing, and not the wrong 
So listen up, y'all, to what we say 
We won't be banned in the U.S.A.! 

"Luke's concerts are for adults" 
"If it's an adult show you have to be 18" 
"Our record is a year old, but with all the publicity, there's a lot of 
people ... curiosity is around!" 
"We're selling records to a totally different audience." 
"I take a precaution that nobody else has not stickered my album, I made TWO versions" 

The First Amendment gave us freedom of speech 
So what you sayin'? It didn't include me? 
I like to party and have a good time 
There's nothin' but pleasure written in our rhyme 
I know you don't think we'll ever quit 
We've got some people on our side who won't take your lip 
We're gonna do all the things we wanna do 
You can't stand to see a brother get as rich as you 
This is the 90s and we're conin' on strong 
Sayin' things and doin' things that you're sayin's wrong 
Wisen up, 'cause on Election Day, 
We'll see who's banned in the U.S.A.! 

[The United States of America] 
[Government of the people] 
[The United States of America] 
[For the people] 
[The United States of America] 
[By the people] 
[By the people] 

"The show in Hollywood, that was for 21-and-over people, they had police 
out there, cars of the people coming in the club, and they still 
arrested us for performing in front of adults!" 

What is this?? Is this not America? This is not China! This is not 
Russia! This is not the place where they brought down the wall, this is America! We have the right to say what we want to say, we have the right 
to do what we want to do, and what I do in my house, 
you might not do in your house! 
So what I do in my house is my business! And the simple fact 
of it all is that we are BONDED by the First Amendment! We have the 
freedom of EXPRESSION! We have the freedom of CHOICE! And you, 
Chinese, black, green, purple, Jew, 
YOU have the right to listen to whoever 
you want to, and even the 2 Live Crew! So all you right-wingers, left- 
wingers, bigots, Communists, there IS a place for you in this world! 
Because this is the land of the FREE, the home of the BRAVE! And 2 Live is what we are! "