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Looking in your eyes 
Praising every moment because you're my only light 
Reading through stares at your passion that bears me now 
Shedding no little tears 
The silence scares us more than leaving could 

Come back 
Please don't leave me now 
I'll be all that you need in life 
Because I can't live without you and 
I know all that you need 
I can give you everything 
When you're so far you'll forget about me 

Waiting by your side 
Knowing every moment is closer to your flight 
Upset with the past, but it's all that holds us now 
Believing no lies, telling each other we'll be fine forever 


But I'll wait 
I could never leave your beautiful eyes 
I know you're sorry 
I know what you must be going through 
And I feel sorry for you 

But please don't leave me now [x3]