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(Bill Faier)

Who will get a song of the coo coo
Who will get a bark of the dog
Who will see the stars, who will point to Mars
Who will taste the smell of the fog?

Who will pick the strings of the banjo
Who will feel the heat of the sun
Who will whisper words like I love you
When this old world is gone?

I've built me a house in the country
Beside it I plant me a vine
How long it grows God only knows
Will I be around to see it climb.

But if I should marry my darling
And my darling gives me a son
Will he get a song of the coo coo
Before this world is done.

Who can answer these questions
Who knows the facts of the case
There is a man answers in his hand
In your mirror you can see his face.

This world is ours for the taking
Or this world will soon burn away
And in you and I and the coo coo
We will have had our day...