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Oh Iím really feeling mighty low
No, no, no, I got no place that I can go
So Iíve got some blues to sing
And oh, so much remembering, woe......

Black cats, keep away from me
Take my advice, go shinning up a tree
I got hard luck, the hardest kind a luck youíll find
I ainít lyiní, Iíve got the bluest kinda blues
Driviní me right outta my mind

Sheís gone, said toodle-loo
Kissed her good-bye and my-my, my money too
Iíve got hard luck, the hardest kinda luck youíve seen
I mean, the way Iím runniní lately
My lucky number is thirteen

Where do I belong, everything I do is wrong, all wrong
Wrong as can be
Whoís stacking all the decks, lady luck has got the hex on me
Iím on her knee da-da-da-da

Shove off, oh Iím warning you
This thing I caught, you know could be catchiní too
Iíve got hard luck, the hardest kinda luck there can be
Yes siree, I guess hard luck always chooses
Natural born losers like me
Oh ahhh!