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Entering the dome
Muthafukaz wane know who Iím ?
Form the F to the T an' the T to the M
A natural born killah
with the gunz in size of Godzilla
When Iím done with ya
the worldíll call me, Mr. Killah
Iím know az the thunder
Similar to the storm with my own dunder
I doing thiz shit, 4 mah own
Making skinheads spin under
Rushing like a tornado
Making fakers collapse squeezing ass like tomato
Bad to the bone
A heart harder then everí stone
On the last battle like the king dying 4 Da throne
Nuthiní but gangzta ridar
But still a simple man
Tryah 2 couplet on this level touch me if ya can
With the rhymes in-A-class of the best human kind
Marking the area filling ya sukaz with mah nine
Try 2 take apart of something thatz only mine 
And yaíll see that ya life flame
No longer shine
I got the best thingz of the both worlds
When itz mah time 2 die reminisce every word  
I make the temperatures rising 
Sound thatís hypnotizing
Rhyme spider, microphone controller, eternal ghostraider
Just becuz ya gotta a gun donít think ya something son
Iím fake breaker 
Soul taker a.k.a the one
Make antenna like tha don until the day Iím gone
Iím the one, and the only that whatz prudes in thiz song
I waz born hated az a thug 
Spreading like a drug
Filling the world with slugs the one called F drugs 
Nobody wane see me on top they preparing mah drop
Gunshots firing so ya better call the cops
Iím the man 4show ya betta know
How ya fucking with, befo ya make a show 
Love it or hate it 
But I still remain number one
No matter what 
Iíll always be the lord of the gunz