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Winter time is coming 
All the sky is grey 
Summer birds aren't singing 
Since you went away 

Since you've been gone, end of the season 
Winter is here, close of play 
I get no kicks walking down Saville Row 
There's no more chicks left where the green grass grows and I know that 
Winter is here, end of the season 
My reason's gone, close of play 
I just can't mix in all the clubs I know 
Now Labour's in, I have no place to go 

You're on a yacht near an island in Greece 
Though you are hot, forget me not 
I will keep waiting until your return 
Now you are gone, end of the season 
Winter will come any day 
Back in the scrum on a wet afternoon 
Down in the mud, dreaming of flowers in June 
End of the season 
End of the season