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Stand before your maker, it will make or break you 
While living for today 
I know you, you are a faker, don't try me I will take you 
While living for today 

Don't stand in the light for the truth it will blind you 
Secure in your offices of self-gratification 
Deaf to the cries of the innocent strangers you buried 
Don't look over your shoulder for the past is still burning 
Or wriggle and squirm for your soul has forgotten 
Controlling the man that through greed has brought misery to the world 

Guilty until you're proven innocent 
I'm sorry, but you've sealed your own fate 
Guilty until you're proven innocent 
Guilty because you looked/turned away 

Power manipulators, conspirators, dictators 
Drive the people underground 
But we'll rise up through the ashes, 
To stand where light can find us 
In every nation, every land 

You buy and you sell with no thought for the future 
Controlling the masses in true business like fashion 
TV, the media, lies and deception blinding us