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Please call a doctor, I've been so depressed 
That I think that I'm finally breakin 
I can't quite explain, I can't feel any pain 
But I know that this time I'm not fakin 
Oh, what can it be, oh, inside of me 

I saw my doctor he said man you look sick 
He said I think you better do something quick 
He checked me over and he said I was fit 
What you need is a change, have a shave, find a chic 
Your body functions, but your hair's a disgrace 
You shouldn't let it hang all over your face 
Change your image 'cos you look out of place 
Comb your hair, put on weight, try to look up to date 
Why don't you put in some permanent waves 
You'll look smooth you'll look cool, you'll be laughing 
You'll get lots of dates, you'll be made you'll get laid 
You'll get out and about, you'll be laughing 
Oh, you'll be O.K. once you get those permanent waves, 

I was really up but now I'm down once again 
I went out walking and it started to rain 
My perm washed out it just got flushed down the drain 
My neurosis returned, I'm a wreck once again 
But wait 'til I get back my permanent waves 
I'll be cool, I'll be smooth, I'll be laughing 
I'll be all the rage with my permanent waves 
And I'll start a new craze, I'll be laughing 
Oh, I'll be O.K. once I get my permanent waves 

Start a new craze, permanent waves 
I'll be all the rage, my permanent waves