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This is for the ladies for the ladies, unh all the ladies all around the world
This is for the ladies for the ladies, this is dedicated now to every single girl
This is for the ladies for the ladies ,all the ladies around the world
This is for the ladies for the ladies, unh yo this for the ladies 
Verse 1
Alright, I don't care I wanna say this from the mic
Right now right here in the place it's ladies night
I know I might just sound crazy right
there's some things thats goin down and its time to make it right
the world will tell you you gotta be a certain type, look a certain way, 
or be a certain size
Do what they say and it'll just alright
Girl the only thing you gotta be doin is servin Christ
6 years ago I was blessed with a wife
She was sweet and lovely and beautiful and nice
But the one thing that just made her my type
Was the fact that Christ was #1 up in her life
So take my advice
Forget them Hollywood stars, the Hollywood hair
and them Hollywood cars
Next time you thinkin' that you ain't up to par
Remember God made you beautiful just the way you are
Verse 2
Sick of BET, sick of MTV, 
I'm sick of the sex that they always use to sell me
I'm sick of the messed up images they showin me
Im sick and tired of the messes that they say to me
That women are nothing more than sexual property
It's time we come back to treatin women properly
So what I gotta say, I'll say it real loudly
We oughta be treatin' all women like royalty(ahhhh uhhh)
Only God should be speakin what you gotta be
Only God can give you the love you gonna need
Ladies, if a guy won't treat you as you ought to be
tell him goodbye, show him the door, and way to leave
Don't be afraid to tell a guy to wait for me
Don't be ashamed just to live your life in purity
See what I say now, I say it just with certainty
that God has so much more if you'll wait and see(Chorus)

Verse 3
If I don't know what I wanna dedicate this song
to all the women that just keep on seeking God
Just keep on movin and continue standin strong
Keep doin what you doin girl you got it goin on
And the single moms thats just barely holdin on
And you're workin two jobs tryin to make it on your own
No one's home cause the kid's dad is gone
God promises to never ever leave you alone
The final thing that I'll say then I'm gone
To the female singers tryin to get their pose on
Now I ain't tryin to be a hata but wrong is just wrong
Now Britney and J-Lo, please put some clothes on!
Whether yall are red-headed or just a blonde
Make sure that the Son is the one you focus on
And with that said, I'm gonna say so long
So get your hand up in the air, ladies, and sing along
Ladies ladies