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dear dad i wanted to take time and write you
cuz lately we don't talk like we used to
see i was thinking about the things we've been through
i wanted to say right now i really miss you
you used to tell me when i was a little dude
that there was nothing that we couldn't get through
so as i'm older i wanted to take time and thank you
and let you kno every day i try to pray for you
see i appereciate everything that you did
you were there  for me ever since a little kid
taught me to be a amand and just how to live
and when i needed it you always had love to give
tears are running down my face as i'm writing this
cuz you not being here is what i really miss
but the one thing that i just really wish
is that you know i love you so i tell you this

Daddy thank you for being my daddy
i just want to thank you ( 2 times)

you might blame yourself for you and mom splitting up
but i want to tell you don't beat yourself up
that's in the past now what's done is done
youo'll always be my dad i'll always be your son
sometimes the most important words we don't say enough
sometimes love hurts and hurts way too much
sometiems we act the very worst to the ones we love
it don't occur sometimes we just want a hug
now mom i want to thank you for everything 
for all the times you were there to provide my needs
and i thank you for always just loving me
in spite of the trouble sometimes i know i used to be
you've shown me just waht a mom is suposed to be
and it still means so much to hear you're proud of me
and just to be your son is what i'm proud to be
and so with love i say thinks while the kdis sing

Mommy thanks you for being my mommy
i just want to thank you ( 2 times)

for a while mom we really didn't talk much
but i'm glad that lately we stay in touch
can you believe how much your little boy has growed up
it seems like yesterday i was so young
time passes so fast but you know what?
it's words ,like "i love you" i don't say enough
and everything that you done it means so much
thank you mom that's love from your oldest son
now Lord i want to thank you for what you've done
you're my father in heaven and i'm your son
you're the source of where my peace somes from
and you'd still be my father even if i never had one
i was lost but you changed the outcome
you put your son on the corss where he just bled and hung
to lay down your life there's no greater love 
for someone and that's exactly what you done

Jesus thank you for being my Jesus
I just want to thank you (2 times)