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You see the magazines and me on your TV screen and you think  
you know me but you really don't you don't even know but i, i'm 
feeling good bout myself so i, i splurge a little Hell! 
You see the money and the, the cars and diamonds and ya, ya think
it make me but it really don't. It really really don't. But I, I'm feelin'
good about myself, so I, I splurge a little Hell!

I think the time has come for me to have some fun, i'm bout to peel 
back the top and go lay in da sun.What the fuck i'de had done my 
momma's only son I went from slangin to bangin to yellin number 1.
I love my fans to death until my last breath.That's why when i 
perform i give until there's nothin left.No competition my,oposition 
gonna feel the pain. More complications relationships ain't gonna 
be the same. Do they know the fame and all that it can bring? If they
attracted to nelly then who like cornell haynes? I'm poppin collars from
California to D.C . I'm in the V.i.P louie bottles and henneesy's. I'm 
putting milage on 20 inches and 23's i'm flipping out my keys, i'm 
flipping down the screens. I'm about to spread my wings, tryin to 
fulfill my dreams. With anything that i want if I dont I got the means.

You see the magazines and see me on you t.v screen and
you think you know me but your really dont you don't even know 
but i, i'm feelin good about myself so i splurge a little Hell!

You see the money and the, the cars and diamonds and you, 
you think it makes me but it really dont. It really really don't. 
but I, i'm feeling good about myself so i splurge a little Hell !

You think you know me but you really don't know. I'f i could walk 
through the club like everything be for sho. And i'll get 1 
little girl, 2 little girls tryin to get me to dance, I'll get 
Three little girls four little girls pullin on my pants damn! It 
feels good when everything is ok and it's beautiful sight when
everything goes you'r way.  And i could walk in the mountains
and I still get Valet . Vokal baluer and my suede ballets. I'm
feelin good it's only right i deserve to spread the love through
all my peeps it's only right that i splurge. And any nigga trippin
out, i leave em'right by da curb. And I don't go to sleep
momma so Goodnight aint the word. I'm on a mission and
It's startin like a mystery. And i ain't stoppin till i go down in 
history.Now who ever said you knows, you dealin with a pimp fo' sho. 
N.E double L .Y. Alright now here it go!


You read the magazines and heard i made a scene. believe 
it or not i swear i'm just a human bieng. I'm doing human things.
cause only humans change. They label me a role model cause
I appeal to teens. It really ain't that strange now that i think about
it, i came to play the game and changed evrything about it. I'm feelin
better than ever without that lotto shit. I wake up early like
hit cooler like lets go buy some shit.You dressed the hottest 
fits drivin the hottest whips, We got the baddest chicks. Yo with the
wildest kids. Donating money to families calling me last shit. They screamin war
i'm like fuck it go buy a battle ship. Bring it up that mississsipi 
if you really wanna come and get me. tell them nigga's don't 
tip me cause i'll squeeze them shit still empty. Take shot like niggas with
frisbees. Who the juice i hear ya'll gon pimp me. You niggas must 
be kiddin me! Makin' an innocent nigga plead guilty.