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Lying here in solitude elution
Thinking of the feelings that he's never had
Now he stares into a mirror into lonely eyes
And to himself he says
Tonight's the night I'm smiling
Cause I'm having fun 
Hold her close and hide her screams for help
She's a victim of his lonely mind
But she's laying there looking like she's looking like she's
Now she's crying
But he knows she wants him anyway
She might be screaming 
But it's just her way of saying that she's having fun
She's having fun 
If I see you
Don't think I can hold it
Feelings rage
Sweet revenge 
Now I'm breaking you 
I'm tearing you apart
My eyes are burning
But it's just my way of saying 
That I'm having fun
Having fun
I'm having fun
Having having 
Fun fun fun