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Well, oh well, lady alright, listen 
Oh my God what a day 
should have heard what my mom had to say 
Never been one to play by the rules 
take off the shirt and tie and put on my dancing shoes 
ain't trying to settle down with no classy 
looking for a bit of hot and nasty 
ain't nothin else left to say 
just grab a girl and take her to... 

Mystic spot... baby baby get you hot 
at the crib or in the drop 
hear me girl i'm saying 
cuz i'm gonna make it proper 
i can promise you baby 
you gonna have a good time baby 
girl that's guarenteed 
so holla at me (ohh) 

The party off the hook and it's crazy 
i'm looking for me a sexy lady 
i'm hittin and i'm checkin the place 
step to the bar to get me a taste 
smooth like a mack and my peotry's tight 
spot a honey, she's looking alright 
creep like a leopard, my prey in sight 
gonna move on this girl and take her to... 

[Repeat Chorus 2x] 

(Extended version of Chorus) 
I was high as the sky, how bout you 
come on girl spread your wings, let me through 
make some room in them jeans for me to... 
girl let's go 

Hey look here miss lady 
I ain't got too much time to talk to you 
so won't you just lay 
down for meand i'm a take it from here 
because we at the Mystic Spot you feel me? 
and this is where it all goes down 
you knwo what i'm saying? 
all the licking all the freaking 
all that look here?? 

[Repeat chorus 3x] 

[Repeat extended version of chorus]